The main barbecue festival in Russia

Sevcabel Port
17–18 August 2019
how it was
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Smoke & Fire is the most important event dedicated to the philosophy and technology of barbecue in Russia.

On the 17-18 of August DREAMTEAM used Sevcable port area to gather all of the most popular fire stations, our colleagues - the best chefs, bartenders and sommeliers, our partners and guests from all over Russia and Europe. For two days in a row we gave smoke and fire with a view of the Gulf of Finland! Smoke & Fire has become one of Sevcable's most visited weekends in the history of this place. According to official data, we welcomed 37 000 guests, or 40 000, according to unofficial sources.Smoke & Fire is the biggest event in Russia, dedicated to the philosophy and technology of barbecue.
Tilda Publishing
Smoke BBQ restaurant is number 11 in WhereToEat rating, it is a recognized meat landmark of Rubinstein street and the main place in the country, where we smoke the best local meat and poultry in a special smoker. In 2018 Smoke BBQ chefs were the only team from Russia at Meatopia, the European barbecue festival in London.

.DREAMTEAM restaurant group is already 11 years old, there are more than 300 people in Alexey Burov and Pavel Kokkov team. We work in seven institutions in St. Petersburg - Smoke BBQ, Smokey Bones, Farsh & Bochka, Forno Bravo, Trappist, Beercard, Bombay Cafe and in Trappist in Moscow. We admire welcoming service, great drinks and perfect food.

Our concept chef Alexey Burov and brand chef Alexey Kanevsky have studied the art of barbecue for several months in Texas. This technology shaped the basis of our institutions, ready-made food, catering service, consulting and our own festivals - Malt and Hops beverage festival and Smoke & Fire barbecue festival.

BBQ stations


Another masterpiece of engineer Kanevsky: one and a half meter machine for roasting the whole carcass. We rotate it for half a day like they did it in the Middle Ages. Try lamb with herbs and order soup in a saucepan!


A 1.5 metre wide round grill with a rotating lattice that lifts with a special mechanism. The perfect grill from Farsh & Bochka guys for smoking a whole pig, grilling sausages and corn.

Food truck

Our baby boy Jimmy, a GMC powered wild animal with his own kitchen and bar. Come here for hot street food, beer served at ideal temperature and cocktails.

Small portable grill

The star of all picnics and memories of Oriental journeys — grilled kebabs, shish kebabs, onions, zucchini and eggplants are so good, you just can't resist!


A two-compartment mobile smokehouse built by Kanevsky's project. It weighs 1.5 tons and it's fired with birch logs. We use this smoker to prepare the main delicacy of the festival — beef brisket from Smoke BBQ, it spends 16-18 hours in a smoker.
Our guest from Moscow - a genuine Russian stove for cooking rich soup and pizza using Forno Bravo recipe.
Dacha grill
Ducks in a barrel
The most popular and most convenient BBQ station for any occasion - burgers from Farsh & Bochka, grilled vegetables and even burnt bread, check out the recipes to try at your dacha!
A barbecue technique from Burma - the ducks are hooked and smoked over an open fire and after four hours the most delicious poultry from Smoke BBQ is ready.


Parilla grill

The grill that every Argentinean family has - two flat surfaces under a special angle and here you have the perfect chicken, whole fish or beef! A bar with Malbec is located nearby!
Heat resistant steel, removable solutions and special lifting mechanisms - the Argentine machine works perfectly with both large parts and small portions!
An ancient, Asian-style grill, the Kamado is a thick-walled cooker that imparts rich, smoky flavor to meats, fish and vegetables. Fire in a bright red Kamado Joe is the perfect grill for burgers!


Curry station

Horizontal grill

A huge Indian pot for the major national dish! Roghan Josh or veggie curry and great cocktails from the Bombay Cafe team.
It does not take much space, but it's great for steaks and is ready to work with any chef, you will see it in the lecture hall!
The main invention of mankind for cooking steaks, seafood and vegetables at high temperatures in only a few minutes - the chefs from Farsh & Bochka are at the base!

Wide grill


Paella station

Noble and gorgeous tool with multiple features - an open fire from the very center of the hearth with 250 to 380 degrees temperature range for the juiciest seafood from Trappist!
Spanish approach to cook for a large company - a huge bowl, seafood, rice, vegetables, spices and a lot of fire from the Trappist team.
In our restaurants we smoke meat in stationary smokers, for open air events we designed and manufactured our own BBQ equipment. We will bring the entire set of grills and smokers to the festival and create a big BBQ street together with our smoke and fire partners: Zharushka ovens and equipment, Ofyr grills, KAMADO Joe, Weber.
In the big hangar of Sevcable with the help of our friends and industry partners we built a new gastronomic space - a market bar. Our participants were Duo Band with a ceviche station, El Copitas bar with cocktails by Jack Daniel's and Koskenkorva, Sibaristica coffee, Petya Pavlovich held workshops on cutting beef carcasses in the butcher shop by METRO, fresh vegetables and the best canned goods from the Dzhamalov farm, an oyster bar by Sea Food Saint Petersburg, a bakery by Dima Shcherbakov, a bar with Stone Brewing and BrewDog beer by the MBC, a large wine shop by JOIA and a bar with our own premiere - beer from DREAMTEAM Brewing Co.
On the Sevcable embankment we placed another attraction - pastrami station by Deli Chef, a large beer bar by Sommelier of Beer Traditions and a JOIA wine station with seafood on fire.

Impressive BBQ area at the backyard of Sevkabel, where we pour the best whisky and make burgers. Jack Daniel's is building a large panoramic bar on the waterfront with an authentic interior, handsome bartenders and, most importantly, the most popular whisky on Earth from the state of Tennessee. Come over for a perfect drink, cocktails, burgers with a amazing BBQ sauce and a view of the Gulf of Finland.

METRO is a professional partner of DREAMTEAM restaurants and Smoke & Fire festival. Fresh seafood at the BBQ alley and meat shop at the festival market, a large fresh zone at the entrance. Together with METRO and SVCH culinary school we are creating a big Academy of BBQ at the festival, where the best chefs will share the secrets of cooking meat over an open fire. Alexey Kanevsky, Roma Redman, Takhir Kholikberdiyev, Ilya Burnasov will he the headliners. All chefs will be working with products from METRO.
We've been professionally engaged with beer for ten years, so for the barbecue we'll present the best world line up in a special Malt and Hops area. Top popular beers on tap, local craft and smooth connection system that guarantees the perfect beer serving temperature. Apart from that we will present our own local beer varieties, brewed specially for the festival by our .DREAMTEAM Brewing Company.

Wine bars will contain wines that go best with the meat dishes and a short wine card for seafood. Reasonable prices, non-trivial regions, a pop-up corner from Pavel Shvets and a wine shop where you can buy wine at supermarket prices.
On special cocktail stations we only serve the ones that take 30 second or less to prepare: punch, ready made, bottled or on tap.
The main biodynamic specialist of Russia and our good friend Pavel Shvets is bringing his wines to St. Petersburg. We have already released a few wines for barbecue together - intense Cabernet Sauvignon and refined Pinot Noir from Jeka line. At the festival we will try these wines and refreshing local autochtone varieties in UPPA Winery pop-up corner.
Pavel Shvets
We are very proud to be finally able to implement our dream about Zero Waste at Smoke & Fire festival. Together with our partners from Koskenkorva we are collecting all the glass at the festival for further recycling, you will see special containers for collecting glass. Opticom company is providing biodegradable tableware that will be used to serve all food at the festival. Check out the lecture on Zero Waste at the Smoke & Fire lecture hall to learn more about conscious consumption.








Our children are our everything! On the barbecue alley there will be dishes for kids, with meat and without it, ice cream and drinks at the hangar market and on the riverside, we are also building a large children's area at the hangar. There will be lectures from the University of Children, performances of Upsala Circus, ART & BLOCKS universal construction game and a children's room with babysitter from Kids Out. Come over with all of your family.
    At the University of Children we'll talk about the world around us using simple scientific language. At Smoke & Fire festival we are preparing a cycle of lectures about bread and circuses for younger guests.

    About digestion:
    • Why does a cow eat green grass and give white milk?
      Ilona Pankina, research chemist, candidate of technical sciences
    • How does digestion work?
    • Makhova Lydia, endocrinologist, nutritionist
    Outside the kitchen:
    • How to earn the trust of people when they need bread and circuses?
    • Grigory Konnikov, historian, teacher at the Orange school
    • Why the knife is on the right and the fork is on the left?
    • Anna Wang, etiquette expert
    Smoke and fire:
    • How did torch turn into a flashlight?
    • Dmitry Mosalev, physicist
    • Who prepared the first steak?
    • Alexey Kazarnitsky, anthropologist, junior researcher at the Department of Anthropology, Kunstkamera museum
    • If tea had no color, would its taste change?
    • Polina Sagara, Tea Masters Cup - 2018 champion of Russia in Master of tea making category, third place in the world
    • Why sweets are sweet?
    • Ilona Pankina, research chemist, candidate of technical sciences
    The University of Children
    Tilda Publishing
    Smoke & Fire 2017
    On the 16th and 17th of September St. Petersburg's main restaurant street - Rubinstein st. hosted the most important meat and barbecue event in Russia. Meat festival Smoke & Fire 2017 gathered the biggest meat experts, farmers and citizens in the courtyard of Vladimirsky Passazh.

    The first Smoke & Fire attracted 15 000 guests from 38 cities of Russia and inspired us to create the festival of larger scale.

    Tilda Publishing
    #smokeandfume #BestSummerWeekend #CityAirFriends
    #smokeandfume #BestSummerWeekend #CityAirFriends
    #smokeandfume #BestSummerWeekend #CityAirFriends
    #smokeandfume #BestSummerWeekend #CityAirFriends
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