The main barbecue festival in Russia
Sevcabel Port
10–11 July 2020
Smoke & Fire is the Russia's premier event about the barbecue culture.

The festival, first held in 2017, traditionally packs a huge area in St. Petersburg with the most popular fire cooking mechanisms of the world. At the heart of Smoke & Fire there's an ancient craft - cooking on open fire, and at the festival we present a variety of cuisines, products and styles. For just two days we are hosting the largest barbecue party in Russia and an exhibition of the latest achievements in this industry. Grills and smokers, stoves and hearths, skewers, food trucks, asado - only smoke and fire with a Gulf of Finland view! The festival is held in the "Sevkabel" space, where in 2019 we have received about 40 000 guests!

Smoke & Fire is founded by a team of Smoke BBQ chiefs from the DREAMTEAM restaurant group. Alexey Burov and Alexey Kanevsky have studied the art of barbecue all over the world from Burma to Texas. This technique has formed the base of our establishments, ready-made deli, catering and consulting services as well as our own festivals. Burov and Kanevsky are the only Russian participants in the Meatopia Festival in London.

DREAMTEAM restaurant group is already 12 years old – today in the team of Alexey Burov and Pavel Kokkov there are over 300 people. We work in six establishments in St. Petersburg: Smoke BBQ, Smokey Bones, Farsh & Bochka, Forno Bravo, Trappist, Pivnaya Karta (Beer Card); and two in Moscow: Trappist and Smoke BBQ. We stand for our sincere service, excellent drinks and perfect product. Only our own personnel work at the festival!

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BBQ stations
Another piece by engineer Kanevsky: a one-and-a-half-meter machine for baking whole animals. Here, like in the Middle Ages, we bake a whole lamb with herbs and fatten a soup!

A 1.5 metre wide round grill with a rotating lattice that lifts with a special mechanism. The perfect grill from Farsh & Bochka guys for smoking a whole pig, grilling sausages and corn.
Food truck
Our little Jimi, a powerful GMC-based animal with its own kitchen and bar. We serve here the perfect fries, burgers and beer!
Узкий мангал
Звезда пикников и воспоминаний о восточных путешествиях — кебабы, шашлыки, лук, кабачки и баклажаны с шампура! Устоять невозможно!
Two-chamber mobile smokehouse designed by Kanevsky. It weighs 1.5 tons and works on birch wood. For 16-18 hours we smoke in it the festival main delicacy - signature beef Brisket by Smoke BBQ.
Dacha grill
Ducks in a barrel

The most popular and easiest to use anywhere BBQ station: burgers, grilled vegetables and even roasted bread!
A barbecue technique from Burma - the ducks are hooked and smoked over an open fire and after four hours the most delicious poultry from Smoke BBQ is ready.
Every Argentine family has one: two flat surfaces with a special angle between them, and here you can have the perfect chicken, whole fish or beef!
Heat-resistant steel, removable grids and special lifting mechanisms - this Argentine machine prepares top notch steaks!
An ancient, Asian-style grill, the Kamado is a thick-walled cooker that imparts rich, smoky flavor to meats, fish and vegetables. Fire in a bright red Kamado Joe is the perfect grill for burgers!

Kamado Joe
Curry station

Huge Indian vat for the most popular national dish prepared on open fire!
The main human invention for cooking steaks, seafood and vegetables at high temperatures.
Wide grill
A noble beauty with many functions: open fire straight from the hearth for working at temperatures between 250 and 380 degrees.
The Spanish approach to a meal for a large company: a huge bowl, seafood, rice, vegetables, spices and lots of fire!
In our restaurants we use stationary smokers, but for the open air we have designed and constructed our own BBQ equipment. We bring to the festival our entire range of grills and smokers designed by our head chef Alexey Kanevsky, and we also build a huge BBQ street together with our smoke and fire partners.
We'll pair your favourite drink to barbecue. Smoke & Fire bars offer natural and biodynamic wines, trendy cocktails and an interesting selection of soft drinks. As for the beer we prefer Port Pilsner by Dreamteam Brewing Co., traditional lagers and world stars of craft breweries. All this with perfect standards of drinks storage, filling and serving from our bar team.

Professional techniques and life hacks for BBQ in dacha, Alexey Kanevsky and chefs from all over Russia, new products and technologies - everything about BBQ in plain language and with a maximum contact with guests.
Beer, wine, strong alcohol, coffee, tea, soft drinks are the big worlds with proper traditions, rules and active development. All about trends and simple techniques of professional sommeliers at Smoke & Fire school.
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Wandering brass band and dancing, fakirs, circus performers, poets, heralds and vintage cars! Smoke & Fire is an authentic whole family holiday!
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